One CrossFit Station above the rest

CrossFit Stations are perhaps in many different locations in the UK and they all say they can help us, however, if they were to be broken down by a top gym instructor who knows the ins and outs of physical training, I wonder how many of them would pass, and how many of them would be given a good rating for the way they teach.
Many people say things and often it is to promote their business and not about what they can really offer us. I think many CrossFit Stations in the UK could do with reviewing by one of the worlds leading fitness trainers and for that person to give the public a none bios opinion of what he or she really thinks about the fitness instructors teaching in the Gym.

CrossFit Stations help as they are located all over London and they invite people in who want to try Crossfit so they can see if it is something which they will enjoy. Remember CrossFit is not an easy sport, it is a very hard sport, but a good gym instructor will always adjust the lesson so you can work at your own pace, after all there is no competition, it is you, vs you.